If you have played Clash of Clans or have heard about it from your friends or colleagues then you are probably aware how important the gems are in the game of Clash of Clans.

This is a game where you build your own village, defend it and attack other players. Gems are the going primary currency in the game which is used for building important structures or buildings in your village. Gems are also used to speed up the production process. Getting gems is not easy and are optional to buy for real cash.

There are some tricks and ways through which you can focus on collecting gems like http://clasherhacker.com/ since gems are the most sought after thing in Clash of Clans through which you can build your bases strong and win the clan wars.

You can get gems by removing obstacles from the way, in the form of rocks or plants. Once you remove them from the way, you are awarded gems which can be anything from zero to six. After you remove the plants make sure you leave the space empty so new plants can grow there on that spot and you can take them off again for more gems. Plants re-grow again in about eight hours and you can keep taking them off for more gems, but rocks obviously cannot be taken off from the same spot again.

You earn achievements when you clear out the obstacles from the way. Achievements are based on the number of obstacles that you remove. For removing five obstacles from the way, you will be given five gems, for fifty obstacles, you get around ten gems and for 500 obstacles you will earn about 20 gems. This way you can keep on removing obstacles and getting achievements in the form of gems!

As you play more Clash of Clans, you will get to know more ways of getting the gems and you can learn by playing and practicing: that is the best way to get the gems!

Getting Gems in Clash of Clans