Online games are extremely popular types of gaming. These games have managedtobecome huge success worldwide. Hay Day is one of these online games that got sensational success on various online platforms such as Facebook, Android, IOS and Amazon. The game was first launched on IOS in 2012. One year later, Supercell released the game on Android platform.

  • Main idea of Hay Day

The whole purpose of playing Hay Day is to own and expand your farm. Making it in Hay Day depends on generating profits from your own farm. This can happen through selling your products to other users. The game has a market option that can allow you to trade and earn coins. In order to enjoy the ultimate farming experience with Hay Day, you need to learn how to hack hay day follow these steps:

  • Download the game

Hay Day is available for free on Android, Amazon and apple stores. Use your operating system to get to the game then press download or install. Hay Day is also available for free on facebook. All you need to do is to open the game through your facebook account. Playing the game with your facebook account will give you five diamonds for free. It will also give you access to your friends farms. Visiting your friends farms will help your level progress.

  • Pay attention to the tutorial

After installing the game on your phone or accessing it through facebook, you will meet Mr. Wicker, your farm’s scarecrow. Your friend will let you know how to manage the basics of your new farm. These basics include planting, harvesting, painting your farmhouse and giving a name for your new farm. You need to pay attention to Mr. Wicker’s instructions that will appear in chat bubbles.

  • Make a quick practice

In order to process and memorize these instructions, you need to practice them right after the end of the tutorial.In the beginning of the gameyour farm will have three empty plots. You should apply the rules of the previous tutorial and plant wheat on the plots.

  • Use your skills to earn diamonds

Diamonds are extremely important in improving your game progress and build your own town. You can purchase them directly from the game. If you are looking for another way to get diamond, you can definitely earn few diamonds through the game. Mining, completing challenges and achievements will be rewarded by diamonds. Mining option is not available for new players. You need to reach level 24 to unblock this feature. Opening mystery boxes can help you gain diamondsbut this is not always the case. Mystery boxes come with other valuable gifts. You should keep in mind that opening a box requires possession of enough diamonds.

  • Participate in various events

Planting and usual farming activities are not always enough to get the players enough coins. Coins are necessary for all expansion activities. Hay Day gives the players many opportunities to gain more coins through participating and winning the events.

5 essential steps to master Hay Day